The company was founded in 1998, the team includes engineers and operators with many years of experience in products and applications and is able to (co) design and produce

  • transformers,
  • inductors,
  • filters, toroidal filters,
  • assembly
    both on its own project and based on customer specifications.


In 2019 Elmi developed a commercial, technical and financial partnership with the company Traftor Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Traftor is well known in the field of magnetic inductors and transformers, for innovative toroidal and classic solutions, serving customers all over the world in UPS, Solar, EVCI and throughout the sector, mainly world leaders in their field. Traftor is currently employing over 200 people with state-of-the-art equipment, holding 19 patents, several PCTs and copyrights,

With headquarters and research and development office in Shenzhen, manufacturing plant and laboratory in Luoyang (Henan province – central China), office in France, Traftor is able to serve its customers around the world 24 hours a day .

The combination of technical know-how and production plant of Elmi suitable for the production of samples up to medium production series and the strength of Traftor in research and development and mass production, create a successful partnership that brings innovative solutions and also to its customers all over the world as SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
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