Production requirement are taken into account and the given specification is usually supposed to be very close to the final ones.

Detailed review of specification with engineering team is pre-requirement, and allows for possible DFMEA when suitable.

Like for prototyping, Elmi is able to bring its long experience in samples making as well as large data base of material, this time for the final components in order to manufacture samples in record time, within days or a few weeks only!
Here also, partnership with Traftor Technology is making sense, when some samples needs some very specific machinery that elmi might not have available but is already in use at Traftor. For example in winding flat wire on edge, elmi is able to bring a couple of shapes and range of dimensions while Traftor possesses 4 different type of machinery, each of them suitable for specific requirement.

Do not hesitate to ask us for samples, even if your specification are not fully finished, we will actively work with your teams to finalize them and produce your samples in a record time that only agile teams can serve.