First designs, exploring possible solutions when calculation and available input data do not allow to finalise specification to request for samples.

They are the best friends of R&D teams to test their intuition and ideas.
Therefore prototypes shall be done fast, usually with scarcity in mind, that is with available on stock or very short time delivery material including suggesting alternative, for cores like ferrites, amorphous, powder cores or whatever, for wire from litz to round and flat wires, eventually foils. Same applies for bobbin/ structure usually done by 3D printing or laser cutting from FR4 or any available material. All other components will follow the same procurement process. Fixing device is sometimes very basic, but it will always match the challenge.

Elmi with its large European base of vendors and distributors, and Traftor access to hard to find material in China, is able to bring within days all necessary material to produce unique prototypes for R&D teams testing purpose.

Smile on faces of engineers of our customers are our best rewards, since both parties knows that manufacturing real cost of prototypes are almost never covered by the unit price of those prototypes. Passion is more necessary than cost skills to solve our customers biggest challenges.