With concept of SMED in mind, Elmi is able to change its production lines within hours, based on small and medium quantities requested by customer. It can even serve as JIT (just in time) deliveries.
Prices can be higher than competitors in Asia, or even our partner Traftor, but when taking account long delivery times, inventory to manage, logistic costs, very short payment terms, the gap is usually much smaller in the end, balance is regularly in favor of a local agile production facility like the one of Elmi.

What are small and medium series?
This is often a question we are being asked for which no final answer can be given.
It depends from so many factors and can go anywhere from 50 parts to 2000. Are they high frequency transformers? Toroidal inductors medium frequency cores of 3 or 4 inches?
Ask us and we will provide you our best quotation.