Repair of transformers and inductors:
Elmi is well known and specialized in repair of transformers and inductors with defects, manufactured in Asia and delivered in Europe that cannot be sent back , to their original manufacturer for repair, due to lack of time and/or cost. Visit our page “Services” for more details.

Quality certification:
Elmi is naturally certified ISO 9001-2015.
The manufacturing facility of Traftor is certified ISO 9001 – IATF 16949 – ISO 14001

Quality documentation:
Elmi is able to provide all necessary technical and quality documentation from FAIR to PPAP, specifications and drawing in all kind of formats including STEP drawings.

Specifications for approval include electrical parameters, mechanical design, BOM with UL numbers.
Traftor is registered in UL system, under number

Elmi provides on request 8D reports, 5 whys analysis, Ishikawa diagram.

Laboratory equipment:
Testing equipment includes all standard equipments including DC Bias testing.
Traftor provides extra laboratory services and tests, including specific control benches, noise room, vibration testing etc…