With the transfer to China in the past 20 years of most big volumes in magnetic components, while most manufacturers there did not meet the requested international standard, it was obvious that some severe non-conformity would happen.

Elmi is not the sort of company to complain of such transfer to more cost effective region, but rather is here as local partner of buyers and quality teams to solve their quality problems they meet when receiving material from far east.

Needed qualities to meet those challenges of repairs:

  • To be immediately available to analyse the case, make some tests withing minutes/hours, suggest reliable SOP and SIP to fix the quality problems and save the products to reasonable price,
  • Validate with customer’s quality, technics, logistic and purchasing teams all issues in order to bring a viable solution to avoid any line shutdown.
  • Organise within hours dedicated production lines with skilled operators in order to match the given challenge.

A recent case involved 21 operations of repair in 6 work stations on 1 assembly product, with a dedicated production line that did last over 3 months. 98% of products have been saved without any line shutdown at the customer’s production plant.

Elmi repairs up to 30 different products per year that last from 1 day to 3 months.